A Place To Make Memories

KN Root Beer means more to me than they realize. My dad, Bobby Waylon Price, is from Graham, Tx and his father, my grandfather, still lived in Graham while we lived in Fort Worth growing up. I remember the hot summer days after playing with the box of toys my grandpa had stored in his front closet that consisted of spin tops, yo-yos, and a fake telephone (my favorite), my dad would rave about the best tasting root beer and how we just had to stop there!

There is a lot about this little place that makes me smile. The ice cream bar, the small town service where they make you feel at home, and the tables with pictures of the town’s history.

Moving to Graham was one of the best experiences. Not just because my husband and I have had the privilege of being apart of an amazing community, but also because when I sit at one of the booths and I order a frozen mug of root beer, I imagine my dad as a kid with bright red hair and blue eyes. I imagine that he would walk in there after playing outside in his torn up jeans and pay for a drink with the money he got from mowing lawns. That although there wasn’t much money at home, he could sit there and taste the richness of the root beer and smile.

Moving to Graham has given me a piece of my dad that I never knew I was missing out on and KN Root Beer has been a huge part of that. I am sure you can imagine my excitement when my husband and I first moved here and I got to show him “The Spot”. The one my dad talked about, the one I talk about, and the one we all talk about.

My dad, now rooted in Fort Worth, successful, happily married to my beautiful mother for over 30 years, and a strong Christian had memories at a place, that probably thought they were just serving another little red headed boy, but they made memories that will last generations.

Thank you, KN, for being a source of happiness for my dad, for me, and for those that come after me.


Ps. I love you dad

things I love at KN:

1. Root beer float

2. Loaded fries

3. Fried Oreos (as seen in above photo)

Tea For Your Soul

I am a total sucker for shops that provide a space for you to be creative, work, write, maybe even cuddle up on a cozy couch to read a book. There is something about getting out of your house and immersing yourself in a place designed for you to hang out and just be. I will be honest, since I moved from downtown Fort Worth I have missed my local coffee shops and little sandwich shops that encourage people to come, sit, and sip. All I want is a light sound of John Mayer songs in the back ground while I take 45 minutes to finish my drink and some dope mood lighting. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel like I am making the most important post ever when I am there. It truly is motivating.

Nobilitea is my go-to spot when I am needing this kind of atmosphere. I can honestly say that it is one of the only places I truly feel comfortable to go and hang out for over an hour as I work on a blog post and I don’t feel like I am imposing. They also provide the charging chords for your devices already plugged in to the wall. This is perfect for me because I usually have 4 devices with me and more than one needs to charge at one time.

There are a few couches if you want to read and be comfortable. They also have bar height tables for groups and a bar for those that are by themselves that need a table to work on.

I would be lying to you if I said that the list of different options wasn’t intimidating. Luckily the staff has never steered me wrong and they walk you through the whole process. If it is your first time they will take you to their wall that has containers of all of the raw tea leafs and you can smell the different flavors to see what you want. From there it is an endless option of combinations. There are flavor boosters, energy shot options, different sweeteners, and so much more. My suggestion would be to really consult with the staff. They know what tastes good together and I still heavily rely on them after I have been there as much as I have.

They even have some creations the staff has put together themselves and I can honestly say that the Betty Boop is my new favorite drink! They also have flavored honey sticks which are so good and addicting. I actually bring them to any event that asks for me to bring a dessert and they are always a huge hit!

They serve chia tea lattes and dirty chia tea lattes which are far better than Starbucks’! Plus since Nobilitea has a drive through, the convenience is unbeatable!

I would give this place 5 brunch points. If you are looking for a relaxing place to study or work, go to Nobilitea and I promise you’ll feel right at home.


Hey friends! I am starting a new adventure to kick off something that not only I find fun, but also extremely helpful. If you have hung around my blog for a while then you know that January 6th, 2019 my husband and I made the move from living down town Fort Worth where we drove our mopeds to work and walked to any event to living in a small town 2 hours outside of the city. We traded city lux for country peace and we LOVE it! The community of Graham, TX is probably the best in the whole country. Everyone is just so nice!

One thing we did notice is that when people from the city come out to visit they have a hard time finding where to eat, what to do, and what are the things about this town that make it so special. I have decided to make a category that people can go to when they travel here to read reviews of the different business in town, recommendations, and fun tips about the town.

I have fallen in love with this place. Who would have known that this city girl that has always sworn she would never live in a small town would be here thriving in it. Because I have fallen in love with it I want others to be able to know why and all the different things to do here. It’s true this is a great summer town since it is the home to one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas, Possum Kingdom Lake, but there is so much more it has to offer. I’m excited to share my home with everyone and give you a guide in case you ever do want to come down here.

I originally wanted to do this while I was in Fort Worth and for some reason God was telling me no. I didn’t know it then, but he was prepping us for our move and now that we are here, it’s the right time. I can’t wait to embark on this journey. Big things up ahead so stay tuned.