How to Know The Company Isn’t Healthy From The Interview

1. The interviewer doesn’t let you talk but schedules you for a second interview.

I really love marketing but since I don’t have any marketing experience besides internet marketing for my blog I was looking for an entry level position. I interviewed at so many “marketing firms” that really turned out to be more like sales and since I definitely did not want to work nights and weekends this was really not my cup of tea. I was had one interview with a marketing company and the interviewer talked the whole time, was basically trying to sell me on the company and hook me in to believing that I will be making a lot of money. It sounded great and all but not once did he ask about me. It was all about him and “how much money he makes”. I don’t care that you make more than six figures, if it costs me my soul there is no way I am signing up for that. If the person interviewing you has to convince you that it’s a great job and chats your ear off while you sit there and then signs you up for a second interview that should be a huge red flag. Don’t you want your employer to want to hire you because they like you? This type of interviewer doesn’t care about you, they are trying to get you because they need the employee numbers up, which leads me into my next type of interviewer.

2. The interviewer talks to every prospective employee and employs them all.

I went into one interview and by the time I had left there were 10 other interviewees that had come in for the same position. Not only did we all get to interview, but we were all offered jobs and that was just in one hour. They had interviews scheduled all day. This means the company has a very high turn over rate which screams UNHEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT. I am sure that there are some people who come out of that job on top but do you really want to work in an unstable company? Not me!

3. The interviewer who doesn’t directly answer your questions.

This interviewer is the worst! After a slew of awful interviews I had been through, I just wanted to work with someone who I felt was honest. This interviewer was asking me if I had anymore questions and every question I asked, he would completely redirect. I just wanted yes or no but he couldn’t deliver that to me. This generally means that there is something they are hiding from you because they know you would not take the job so they are going to wait until you sign on the dotted line before hitting you with the big awful secret. You have to be careful of shady people, because generally shady people work for shady companies.

4. Acts like you’re interviewing for a ceo position when it’s an entry level position.

This was probably the interview that had me laughing as I walked out. I am pretty confident in my abilities. I am a hard worker and if I don’t know how to do something I will teach myself. I went into this one interview with an interviewer for an entry level position and she was asking me things that made me feel like my job was the guy that was in charge of pushing the button for the release of nuclear war fare. This type of company can put a lot of pressure on you and make you feel as though you are never good enough or you don’t work enough making you have to completely give up your personal life and be married to your job. I have a husband thank you very much, I’m not going to leave him for my career.

When you are interviewing be careful of these types of companies. Remember, in most cases you spend more time at your job than you do at home so make sure the company you work for lines up with your values, culture, and schedule.

Self Care

This past year was one of the best years EVER! I got engaged, married, landed an incredible job, moved to my dream apartment in the city, got the cutest puppy, and grew more than I could have ever imagined. Life has been good to me to say the least. BUT, even after all my blessings I was feeling incredibly burned out and I’m not going to lie, Booking a one way flight to Fiji for my husband and I never looked more appealing.

There has been this huge movement lately with the phrase “Self Care” and for me, it could not have come at a more perfect time. It is a stance on doing things for yourself because your mental, physical, and emotional health is more important than any event, hang out, work overtime opportunity, obligation, or even something fun.

How Do you know when you are Burned out?

I think the best way to notice you are getting burned out is when all of your blessings start to seam like curses.

Burn out is defined by as “To be completely consumed and thus no longer aflame.” Ex: “the candle in the saucer had burned out”

Much like that candle we can feel like we are consumed with life and we are drowning in it to the point where life extinguishes our candle. Suddenly you don’t feel like you are yourself any more, like you are at the mercy of everybody else’s schedule, and if it weren’t for the morning coffee, mid afternoon energy shots, and the night caps, you don’t know how you would stay sane.

It honestly took me a long time to realize I was at this point. I just thought I needed to completely give something up in my life or change directions. I found myself saying things like “I wish I never got this dog”, “I want to move back to California”, and “I need a month vacation”. (I’m not going to lie, a month vacation still sounds pretty nice).

Okay, So your flame has officially been extinguished. What do you do?

I remember thinking. “Wow, I’m exhausted and worn out, but life is not going to slow down, so what do I do?”

The trick is not to do less, the trick is to do more things for YOU. I am busier now than I ever have been but I’m also happier. I decided to A. Complain less and B. start saying no to people if within that week I have not done at least one thing for myself.

I started planning out one event a week that was a complete selfish, recharging activity. Some nights that meant a bubble bath and other nights that meant working out (I’m more likely to choose the previous). Some times it was going to the thrift store to find a totally rad outfit (one of my hobbies) and other times it meant binge watching a random Netflix show. Whatever it was, it was for ME and ME alone.

When I started giving myself more time, I was able to give others more of my time as well. It’s kind of like that saying that moms say about their babies, “If they have a good nap, they will have a good nights rest.” It seams counter intuitive but it’s true! When you take time to do something for yourself you are more likely to say yes to others because you are working on a full battery, not hanging on to that  1% for dear life.

What does it look like on the other side?

The other side looks busy, but rewarding. there was a quote that my friend sent me that said, “every successful woman has as many hours a day as you” -WomenOnTopp. This quote really put it in perspective for me. Here I am whining about my day and how I don’t have enough energy to get things done and then BAM reality check. I look up to powerful women like they have some special power to make time stop, but 24 hours is 24 hours. So what will you make of it?

Photography by Naomi Ledford: