Want to Start a Blog?

I have had so many people ask me about starting a blog, what it took, and how I do it, so I thought I would give you a little insight to my blogging life and what it looks like. I hope this will encourage you to take the next step into blogging even if you have no mother-earthly idea of what you want to do with it. So, lets go over some things that would normally keep people from starting one.

  1. What do you do if you are not a tech wiz?

Okay, for all of you ladies and gents out there who, besides social media, have no tech experience it is okay! I honestly hate technology with a passion because I just don’t understand it. This was my biggest hang up when thinking about starting a blog. What-the-potato-chip was a domain name? And there is no way I am going to be able to format an entire website all by myself. 

Luckily for you the blogging site that I use (wordpress.com) is incredibly helpful and does most of it for you. With beautiful free templates, it almost feels like back when MySpace was a thing and you could customize your profile. It is pretty easy and they have videos that will walk you through your design process. I will say though, that this is not something you can throw together over night. I gave myself 4 months of prepping and designing before I launched my blog because I wanted it to look professional, I wanted to create content, and I wanted to hype up the start of it with some marketing. But, if you are like me and don’t understand technology, it is okay, you can still do it! Plus along the way you will learn a lot!

2.  How do I sign up for the free wordpress without seeing the @worpress.com after my username, letting people know it was free? I just want it to be username.com without having to buy a $250 annual subscription for my plan.

I am so glad you asked this question! There is an option to buy a username without having to buy a plan. Back when I did not want to buy a plan, I paid $18/year for my user name and used the free plan. This way I wasn’t breaking the bank, and I had the free plan and no one ever knew. Also, you can buy your domain name through WordPress.com which makes it even easier because it is a one stop shop!

3.   I need a lot of content right?

NO! You want to be consistent but research shows that blogs that post once a month with solid content are better that blogs that post every week with little to say and really hardly any “meat” to the writing. Don’t be worried that you will lose your audience in a month. Be consistent in whatever you do and as long as you hype up the blog before you post it, you won’t lose anyone.


With all this being said, don’t be afraid to put your thoughts out there. Don’t let your worry of how many people will view it or like it hold you back. If you want to do it, Gosh Dang It, then DO IT! It is fun and exciting and as long as you are doing it for you because you like it then other people will like it too.

Good luck on your blogging adventures and I will be seeing you on WordPress.com soon!

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Big Brother’s Season 19 Mark Jansen and Elena Davies Meet up

My husband and I had the honor of attending a Big Brother trivia event last night at Landmark Bar and Kitchen in the West 7th district of Fort Worth. The hosts of this event were season 19’s cutest showmance Mark Jansen and Elena Davies, more popularly known from the show as, MarLena. If you thought they were a cute couple on the show, you should see them in person.

Mark is one of the nicest people on the face of the planet and although you probably already knew that if you watched any part of the show, it couldn’t truer. He loves Elena and is a solid foundation for her. Without her even trying she brings the biggest smile to his face. You can tell that Mark is a bit more of an introvert than Elena but he was more than gracious to take pictures with all the fans and endure Elena and I blabbering on for far too long, so thanks Mark, you’re the real MVP!

Elena is a firecracker! She is the girl at the party who walks in and in 30 minutes knows everybody’s name and life story. She is so likable, outgoing, and undeniably herself. She has witty quick humor that had my husband and I laughing in tears at some points. She is clearly the extrovert in their relationship. The most inspirational thing about Elena is that she has healthy confidence. I feel like she is the person who is like, ‘Take it or Leave it’. She is herself and if you don’t like that then you can move right along because she doesn’t want toxic people in her life. She is truly someone who you want to be around because of her confidence and I mean come on… She is a total babe, so that helps.

After the trivia game they answered questions from the audience and were not afraid to talk about the hot topics such as Paul running the house and taking things further than just a game player, but someone who was hurtful. They talked about Josh and his relentless annoyance. I could never live in a house with Josh so props to them. Elena’s favorite person in the house, besides Mark of course, which was Ramses. I really wish CBS would have put more of Ramses in the show because from the way she was talking about him, he seams way cool.

I want to say a big shout out to Landmark for having the event at their facility, giving me the best seats in the house, and making a really yummy Big Brother inspired drink menu which I think they should leave on forever. An even BIGGER shout out to Ellis County Blue Line Moving Co. For funding the event and making it happen! Elena used them when her and Mark moved into their house together and highly recommended them for all moving needs! If you use the name Marlena when booking Ellis County Blue Line Moving they will give you 10% off.

All in all the event was super fun and we were so excited to be able to meet Marlena after and chat.


Landmark FW.com

“Lucky You”

Most of you know if you follow me on Instagram that I am doing an entire year of only buying resale clothes and shoes. I am so excited about this because I am a sucker for finding diamonds in the rough. My photographer, Naomi Ledford, will be documenting my finds and I will be posting about them every Wednesday. (I highly recommend you follow her incredibly beautiful pages linked at the bottom of this post.)From March 1st, 2018 to March 1st, 2019 I will be on this crazy journey! I hope you guys are ready for some “Big Gas” steals! So before we get this kick started I wanted to share how I got into second hand clothing.

My amazing, beautiful, Puerto Rican Princess of a mother is the main reason I was introduced to second hand shopping. I am the youngest of four siblings and every year at Halloween time my mom would ask us what we wanted to dress up as. She would take us to thrift stores to find authentic, cool, one of a kind, pieces to create our costumes. She would wash them, alter them, and make some of the best creations ever! She killed the game for sure. People used to go crazy over our outfits and I just remember being so proud that “MY MOM made my outfit.”  She has always been so crafty and creative. I definitely get that from her.

Her making my costumes lead me to wanting to create something of my own. I was 15 years old when I decided I was going to go to the thrift store, get a few items, mix them up, and VWALA! Masterpiece! LOL because it turned out to be less of a masterpiece and more of a master disaster. I didn’t stop there however, I continued to get lessons from my mom on how to sew, and it was pretty affordable when I was only spending maybe $10 for the whole outfit. I later decided “Okay, I am struggling with making an entire new outfit so what if I just start finding items I like and if they are too big, I’ll alter them.”  I was no longer limited to a one size and I even looked in the men’s section. I was finding cool, unique pieces and I. Was. Hooked!

The very first “steal” I ever bought was at a low grade thrift store. I was looking through the jackets. I was a freshman in college, it was the winter, and I just wanted something warm. After searching for over an hour I found it! A perfect quality, black, fuzzy, North Face jacket, in my size. I looked at the price tag, $12!Woo Hoo! Even better, I started opening the pockets and found $6with a note that said “Lucky you”. I did in fact feel very lucky. The original tags were even still attached! I was bitten by the thrift store bug, infected with the money saving virus, and consumed with my beautiful new $6 North Face jacket.

Since then, I have been able to find brands like Brighten, Tory Burch, Steve Madden, Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Ralph Lauren, Nine West, Betsey Johnson, and so many more! Luckily, the vintage/second-hand market is really booming right now. There are multiple boutiques, online stores, and ginormous thrift stores that have some honest, good quality garments.

So, as I start this year journey I hope that I can share the luck with you all and if somehow I inspire you to go out and find a hidden treasure please tag, message, email, or DM me your findings so that I can celebrate with you!

Photography by Naomi Ledford: