Foundation Issues

“Everyone who hears my teaching and applies it to his (her) life can be compared to a wise man (woman) who built his (her) house on an unshakable foundation. When the rains fell and the flood came, with fierce winds beating upon his house, it stood firm because of its strong foundation.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:24-25‬ ‭

Your house isn’t done after the foundation is poured. When you became a Christ follower your foundation was poured, but it doesn’t stop at that. Many people see this step as the finished product but it is purely the beginning. foundation is the most important part of your house, but remember that you have to keep building. Sometimes we struggle because it seams like the moment we have that foundation the rain starts to pour and we are standing there getting hit with life as we know it. Relationships fail, finances are tight, or your health takes a hit. I can honestly say that I have experienced all of those first hand. Just remember that God’s grace gave you that foundation not because you earned it but purely because He loves you. Now it is your turn to build.

You might be standing there and say “what the heck how am I supposed to build this house?” Suddenly you look down and see the directions. You pick up these directions and you start to read what to do and it’s great but a little confusing and you don’t have any of theses tools or wood.

Suddenly you see someone in the distance. They have all of this timber and tools. *sigh of relief*. But as they approach you see that they are incredibly wise but don’t quite look like the builder type. They approach you, introduce themselves, and then they tell you that they wont be doing any of the manual labor but they will interpret the instructions so that you have a deeper and better understanding so that when you build your house, it is done correctly.

You’re pumped! “Let’s do this! What do we do first?!” The interpreter says, “before you start throwing walls up you have to read these instructions with me and as you read them I will tell you what they mean.”

You get upset. *What is this stranger here for then if all they are going to do is read with me. I can read just fine without them and since they wont help me build I might as well tell them to go away*.

“Hey thanks for the tools and timber I think I have got it from here since I can read and I will figure this out. You have already been a great help, thank you, Bye.”

The instructions are harder than you realize so you set them down, grab a hammer and nails and go for it. It doesn’t look pretty but it turns out pretty functional and you are proud of your work and so you start to give your self a pat on your back.

Suddenly there is a storm cloud approaching fast. Wow really fast. Well it’s a good thing you have shelter! But before you know it the winds are pulling apart your patched up walls and with one big crash your house starts to crumble down on you. You duck and cover and just wait to embrace all the pain. But as your duck and cover, The house falls all around you but nothing hits you.

Looking up you see this beautiful light. How could there be a light since it was just storming like crazy. You see a man, but not just the man, you see that he is holding the shambled walls away from crushing you. He looks at you and calls you by name. There are two questions in your mind, 1. Who is this man and 2. Why did he save me?

The storms are over, the man sets the scraps down and approaches you. You are crying and thanking him and he grabs your hand and asks, “Why did you send away my helper? I sent him to you because I knew that the storms were coming and I wanted to make sure that this house was unshakeable. Luckily because of your foundation you are able to rebuild the right way, but this time call my helper back to help. You need him because without him, even with all your might, when the storms come all that you have built will fall. Your foundation is unshakable and strong, your helper is wise and needed, and I am your savior. I have taken the pain of your failures upon myself so that you no longer have to feel the full weight of them.

And just like that when the tears are wiped and you look up you’re alone with incredible peace. You call back this helper. You build a sturdy house that took a lot of work and when the rains came you were safe.

If you haven’t guessed it yet this is a picture of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. God is our foundation. The Holy Spirit is our helper, and Jesus is our savior. The house is a representation of our Christian walk. We can fake it and try to do it our way all we want but when financial struggles happen, someone you love dies, or tragedy hits, the reality that your life is crumbling around you is ever so real and then in comes Jesus. He saved us when he died on the cross. He took upon all of our sins willingly and was sacrificed for us, even when we don’t follow the instructions, the Bible, the way we should.

thank you Jesus for saving me.

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