13 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

Yes, I binge watched the second season of 13 Reasons Why just like I did with the first season and woman… It is one of my all time favorite shows ever. It is probably neck and neck with Stranger Things. I know that there is so much controversy over the show and I gladly tell you that I really don’t care, so thank you for your comments, they are welcome but will not be responded to. Where was I? I digress… Continue reading “13 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog”

Big Brother’s Season 19 Mark Jansen and Elena Davies Meet up

My husband and I had the honor of attending a Big Brother trivia event last night at Landmark Bar and Kitchen in the West 7th district of Fort Worth. The hosts of this event were season 19’s cutest showmance Mark Jansen and Elena Davies, more popularly known from the show as, MarLena. If you thought they were a cute couple on the show, you should see them in person. Continue reading “Big Brother’s Season 19 Mark Jansen and Elena Davies Meet up”

Thighs The Limit

I am fainting over these thigh highs! Can you tell that I am ready for it to be colder weather?! I got mine from Amazon for an amazing price!

They are great if you want to elongate your legs and feel fun. I promise you these will make you feel more powerful than you ever have in your whole life! I just might buy a grey and nude pair! You can also pair them with jeans and dresses! Love it, live it.