My friend is my co-worker, HELP!

When I first started working in corporate I was bright eyes and bushy tailed. I would like to think I am a pretty friendly person and that I generally get along with everyone. Once, At a previous job, my co-worker and I were hired on within the same week and although we had very different lives we just clicked! I was so excited because I can’t work in a place where I feel like I’m not liked.

Before you knew it we were planning happy hours and opening up about the most personal things in our lives. Continue reading “My friend is my co-worker, HELP!”

My Fave Boss Babes

Blogging is definitely not always easy. There are times when I am trying to outline a blog and there are 6 different ideas, two different angles, twelve reference links, and one empty brain. To be honest I am better about writing as though I was someone else and making up all of this stuff on the fly than I am about my own thoughts and experiences. When I find myself hitting a wall I do have some women I look to as inspiration. Continue reading “My Fave Boss Babes”

I Quit!

Have you ever watched a child try to shove the square block through the circle hole? You, and everyone else, can see that it isn’t working, but the child won’t stop trying until they burst into tears, throw the block across the room, and give up completely. We want to laugh and say, “saw that coming”. It is clear that the square will never ever fit into the circle hole. No amount of force will magically change the outcome. You may have chuckled, but everyone of us has done that before. We have tried to fit our lives into some type of mold that was never intended for us. Continue reading “I Quit!”