Why It Is Hard To Workout For Someone Who Has Suffered From An Eating Disorder

It is crazy to think that 2 years ago I had officially identified myself with having an eating disorder. I was 20 years old, a full time broke college student, and had “no time” in my schedule to eat paired with “no money” in my wallet to spend on food. These were of course excuses. It started out as me being lazy, not wanting to pack my lunch or go out of my way to buy something off the dollar menu with my change lying around in my car, to an obsession with feeling skinny and hungry. I knew if I just pushed past the first part of the day, I would no longer feel the pit in my stomach. I was going days without eating. There were times where I couldn’t remember when the last time was that I had a meal. I was eating a fruit pack a day. That’s it. I made sure to stay hydrated because I didn’t want to pass out but I CHOSE not to eat. It was a mental demon I fought every day for months. Continue reading “Why It Is Hard To Workout For Someone Who Has Suffered From An Eating Disorder”

My Heaven Friend

Truth is, Hannah, you were never supposed to see me get married. You were never supposed to plan my wedding showers and drink mimosas. You were never supposed to be my maid-of-honor. You were never supposed to help me find my dress. You were never supposed to be there to calm me down the day of my wedding when I am freaking out. Continue reading “My Heaven Friend”


As you all know, yah home girl is engaged! Woop woop! This is such a precious time for my fiance and I that we get to enjoy. I also love that I have quite a few friends that are also engaged and we get to chat about how busy we are with everything but inside it’s the kind of busy that we all love. I have spent my last 3 lunches that I’m supposed to have off, at my desk tucked away calling vendors and contractors like a mad woman. Also, it sort of makes me feel a little sassy and I kind of like it. I promise I’m trying not to be a bridezilla! Continue reading “Fairytales “