Things I learned at 23

23 was such a fun year! I started year 23 with a promise from God about my husband and I making a move to Graham after we quite literally had the life I dreamed of my whole life. It’s a good thing God knows better than us because although I had the exact image of what I wanted I had no idea what I was about to experience! Love, freedom, friendships, and an appreciation for life itself. I am fully convinced that the hardest part about life is enjoying it. There is so much to get you down but this year I wanted to high light some awesome things that truly changed me.

1. I started to figure out what it means to be a wife. A lot of people say your first year of marriage is the best but it wasn’t until the start of our second year that I felt like I actually understood what it meant to be a wife and a companion because I was able to work through the things about living with a boy that make absolutely no sense and sometimes you just have to just laugh. My husband is my best friend of all time and there is nothing better than when you come home and your man has done the dishes, taken the dogs out, and greeted you with “don’t worry about cooking, let’s go grab something to eat”. SEXY! As my parents say, “coins in the love bank”. Haha but truly I think we have found our rhythm and what works for us and it’s awesome!

2. I have learned a lot about patience and waiting. It took Buddy and I 6 months to be able to move to Graham and I would be lying if I said there weren’t times when I doubted. I figured out that there is a lot of growth in the waiting season of life so that when you are able to step into the promise you are ready for it. Just because we followed God’s will and we moved doesn’t mean we got here and everything was easy. Actually it was really really hard and I doubted. We thought our waiting season would end when we moved to Graham but to be honest we are still waiting on a lot of things. And that’s okay! We are enjoying it.

3. I have learned how to better identify my feelings. If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know I am am pretty open about struggling with anxiety and depression. Mental health for me is a real struggle but this year I have learned how to identify my feelings, the root of the cause, and talk to my awesome husband about it so that I am not processing it alone. I am not perfect but I am proud of myself and the growth that I have been through.

4. I learned that it’s not all about me. I will say it. I can be self centered. Somewhere in 23 (I can’t remember when exactly) I realized I can dominate conversations and I found myself turning everything someone else said to relate to me and my life. When I realized this, I caught myself many times mid self-boast, I fell short often, but it really wasn’t a painful thing at all, it actually made me happier to talk to someone about them and not have to talk about me unless asked. It’s nice to get to know people and hear their stories. Genuinely ask more questions and listen intently to others. It will change you.

5. I learned to enjoy life. Like I said earlier, I am convinced that the hardest part about life is enjoying it but throughout year 23 I learned to take in every season. Enjoy the rainy days in and the sunny days out. Enjoy the times when dinner consists of whatever is left in the fridge cooked up and dunked in cheese because pay day is tomorrow. Enjoy the highs of surprising your husband with a birthday trip to Vegas. Enjoy the date nights consisting of an indoor picnic with all your favorite fast food. Enjoy the friendships in front of you. Laugh at things you can’t change that could make you mad but all you can do is pay the fine (literally happened to us too many times 🤦🏼‍♀️). Enjoy being able to nurture a mom dog that surprised you with 5 puppies and raise them until they were able to find loving homes. Shout when you’re happy. Dance in your living room to Taylor Swift. Get a tattoo. Try that Pinterest project. Get that funky outfit. Put yourself out there. And kiss the one you love a lot.

23 was an amazing year. 24 has a lot to live up to, but I am looking forward to growing and changing. Learning and loving. Laughing and crying. But most of all, I am looking forward to life.

Vegas Trip Rewind and Life Update

For my amazing husband’s 29th birthday I decided to surprise him with a trip to Vegas. It took 2 months to plan and it was one of the hardest secrets in my entire life to keep. I had his family take him out for his family birthday dinner and after when we got to the car I broke the news to him that we were actually going to the airport. His response… well I guess you will just have to watch the video at the bottom.

vegasssWe boarded at 11pm and arrived in Vegas at 12:15am. I booked us a room at the Flamingo Hotel. This is the same hotel that we went to for our honeymoon in 2017. We absolutely fell in love with the location, retro vibe, and some of the best black jack and craps tables. Upon arrival we were upgraded to a newly renovated suite that overlooked the strip.

The next morning when we were on our way to breakfast where we usually get a day pass to eat unlimited meals at 8 different Vegas buffets, we were stopped for a promotional deal where they would give us tickets to any show if we sat through an “info” meeting vegasssssabout timeshares. I really didn’t want to do it but free tickets were on the line, so we went for it. Never again. We got a free breakfast, $75 dinner voucher, and $100 in cash to tell this incredibly pushy salesman that we weren’t going to buy a time share. In my mind it so was not worth it.

The rest of the day we spent window shopping at the forum at Caesars Palace and let me just tell you, that place is so dangerously amazing. I could spend all day there. For dinner we went to a steak restaurant that was located in our hotel. I seriously can not brag on the Flamingo Hotel enough. If we wanted to we could literally never leave since it has everything you would every want. We learned how to play craps and had a blast at a table vegasssssswith many other Texans.

Before we knew it, the next day we were on our way back home with a little extra change in our pockets and full excitement to be moving into our new home.

We got all moved in and have been loving our new little place, city, friends, and taking a leap of faith. A lot of change has occurred within these last few weeks but we are enjoying it all. I haven’t felt this sure about where I am supposed to be in life since I married my incredible husband. God has been so faithful and loved us through it all. We know that we are here for a purpose.

We Are Moving!

God is so faithful. He is leading us into a new season and we cannot be more excited about it! This January we will be moving to Graham, TX.

This has actually been what feels like a long time coming for us. Both my husband, Buddy, and I were born and raised in Fort Worth, TX. We loved our city and we seriously thought we would be “Fort Worthians” for life. However, in January of 2018 we decided to help out our church’s new location opening in Graham which is 2 hours from Fort Worth. Buddy was all for it but I was quite hesitant. My dad is from Graham and I had spent quite a bit of time out there and I am not going to lie, I didn’t see it any more than a random small town. I followed Buddy’s leadership and every weekend we drove out there, but every weekend I complained about it. It wasn’t that it was bad, it was that I worked in Dallas and my daily commute was a round trip of 3 hours and the last thing I wanted to do on my weekends was another 4 hour round trip. I also didn’t see the point on making connections with people when we were only going to be out there for a short while.

3 months into the year I quit my job in Dallas. It was here that the Lord started prepping our hearts. I was desperate for community and since we didn’t have that or even really wanted that in Fort Worth, we started actually investing in the people and the city of Graham. We still didn’t know what God had planned for us yet. I had gotten a new job in Fort Worth, we lived Downtown, we just got a new car that surely isn’t suitable for country life, and we were getting ready to renew our lease in July. We had no intentions of leaving.

Fast forward to July 2018. We were making amazing friendships and yet we also felt like we were missing out on a lot. We had fallen in love with the town, the people, the culture, and everything. I had heard the Lord’s call for us to move but Buddy hadn’t heard it yet. Then, one morning while we were on our way to church, making that long Sunday drive, Buddy started talking about Graham and instantly got emotional. It was then that we realized this wasn’t us, this was God. We prayed, looked at our finances, and felt like January of 2019 was the best time.

We moved in with my parents when our lease was up to save money, we applied to jobs, we looked at houses, apartments, and everything between. We tried moving earlier but clearly that wasn’t in God’s plan. This whole time we were telling people that we were moving in January and yet when they asked us about work and living, we had no answer but that “God will provide”.

There were a few times that I doubted that we would move. I had been applying for jobs and had a few interviews but the positions weren’t opening for a few months after January. We tried to get a house but nothing felt right and they never pulled through. By the time December came around there was still no promise, no place to live, no jobs, and we were just hit with one of the most expensive months in November with a lot of surprise financial obligations. My husband, being one of the most faith filled people I have ever met in my entire life, wasn’t worried one bit. I was worried. 

We prayed that if Graham was meant to be then we would know because God would work in our favor and let it happen, not by us trying to force it, but simply allowing God to take control. My good friend, Darbie, encouraged me to take steps in faith towards what God had for us, so we did. We got a town-home style apartment and our set our move-in date for the first weekend in January. A week later I had an interview with a radio station and although I felt under qualified since I had no experience in radio, I went anyways and it turned out to be the perfect fit for me and I was hired with my start date on the first week of January. 

Even just the other day I was stressing because moving isn’t cheap but I am and I don’t like that it is going to cost us money. But through all of this we have seen God’s hand and work in our life. He said January and he did not fail us. He has shown us his favor and his love for us through it all. I have seen how freeing it is to allow God to work on our behalf as we trusted him because when I was trying to force it myself nothing happened the way I wanted it to and it stressed me out. He is so faithful and all of this is because of him. 

We will miss Fort Worth, especially with me being the most typical city girl you have ever met in your whole life, but we know that the joy and promise God has for us in Graham is greater than everything we could have if we were in the city and not following God’s plan for our lives. Being obedient to his word has been the most rewarding growth in our relationship that I could explain.  

“And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands…” 2 John 1:6a