Welcome! I am so very excited that you have joined the Brunch club. I highly value your wonderful taste in blogs and commend you on venturing to my site. Now, it is time to fall in love… with Brunch. MoreThanBrunch is a lifestyle blog that will be showing you how to make every day sparkle. From food recipes to fashion and DIY’s to make-up tips, you can be sure to have enough content to read while eating your chocolate croissant and sipping your favorite specialty coffee.

My reasoning behind creating this blog was to be able to share my creativity, thoughts, and encouragement with a wide variety of social networkers hoping that in some way I can bring a smile to your face or inspire your heart. My posts will always be authentic and something I genuinely care about.  I love people, and being able to be apart of their daily lives, to me, is amazing!

What is Brunch to me? It is a time to sit back, catch up with the world, and see everything I missed within the last twelve hours. It is a clear minded and open hearted moment before my nine hundred problems and duties flood my brain. Brunch is peaceful. It is also a time to meet up with friends and enjoy a fun and relaxed talk. It is a time to laugh and highlight the good in life. It is the kick start to our day and an ending to our morning. So, I hope that you enjoy all of the reading you do here and see the love and humor I try to infuse into every post. Thank you!

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