Take Me To The Alley

Since the day we moved to Graham, and even before we moved, the first thing I was after was good local shopping. There was one store that every single person recommended to me without fail. Yes, that is yours truly, Back Alley Boutique. This adorable shop is owned by Taylor Carrillo, The Fashion Icon herself. I asked her how it all started and she said “throughout high school everybody just kind of thought of me as the person that dressed cute so after I graduated I was like Hmmm… maybe I should just open my own store.” Taylor graduated high school in May of 2015 and opened Back Alley Boutique in September 2015. A speedy start and it hasn’t slowed down since. She is now 21 (almost 22) and has been a business owner for 3.5 years. If that isn’t #goals then I don’t know what is.

When she first opened her store, she started with a total of 35 pieces of clothing, but after a year she remodeled her space with new lighting, floor, and fixtures to accommodate an improved look and a better flow. Her boutique shares a storefront with a tanning salon and she said that her biggest obstacle when she started was “getting people to know that we were here since we are in the back, a lot of people would walk in and thought they were just walking into a tanning salon and then you’d have to tell them ‘oh no it’s in the back’.” With Back Alley’s new flow and the use of window displays the store has flourished.

If you follow her on any of her social medias including facebook and instagram then you have probably had some super jealous moments when she talks about going to market to get some new pieces. Taylor talked with me about her evolution of her brand and said “when I first opened I would buy more things that I liked, like ‘oh I like that, I’ll buy it’ but then you have to realize ‘well I love this and I would wear it, but can you picture five other people around Graham also wanting that?'”

She talks about how her store has changed her style. It made her dress more easy and comfortable because she has seen so many clothes go in and out of style that she enjoys the more classic pieces.

There is something about Taylor’s sweet and easy going personality that just really draws you in. Her clothes are adorable, timeless, and there is always something there that you need. I am obsessed with scarfs and even wore one of hers for my cover shoot for Graham Living Magazine, so every time I am there, I find myself at the scarf display finding it very hard to choose since they are all seriously so cute.

She also gives the best fashion advice! Every time I am there she gets my fashion taste just right and doesn’t just tell me what she likes but she honestly helps me find what I love!

Let’s get real ladies, we know that when we are shopping we aren’t buying threads woven together that fit our bodies. We are searching for something that makes us feel good, confident, and beautiful. Essentially we are shopping for clothing that makes us feel something inside. Back Alley Boutique is that place for the women of Graham.

But don’t worry! She has an online store as well, so that you can’t miss out!

Thank you, Taylor for allowing me to review your store and hear more about your story! Truly an inspiration. And one day when I grow up, I want to be just like you.

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