Tea For Your Soul

I am a total sucker for shops that provide a space for you to be creative, work, write, maybe even cuddle up on a cozy couch to read a book. There is something about getting out of your house and immersing yourself in a place designed for you to hang out and just be. I will be honest, since I moved from downtown Fort Worth I have missed my local coffee shops and little sandwich shops that encourage people to come, sit, and sip. All I want is a light sound of John Mayer songs in the back ground while I take 45 minutes to finish my drink and some dope mood lighting. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel like I am making the most important post ever when I am there. It truly is motivating.

Nobilitea is my go-to spot when I am needing this kind of atmosphere. I can honestly say that it is one of the only places I truly feel comfortable to go and hang out for over an hour as I work on a blog post and I don’t feel like I am imposing. They also provide the charging chords for your devices already plugged in to the wall. This is perfect for me because I usually have 4 devices with me and more than one needs to charge at one time.

There are a few couches if you want to read and be comfortable. They also have bar height tables for groups and a bar for those that are by themselves that need a table to work on.

I would be lying to you if I said that the list of different options wasn’t intimidating. Luckily the staff has never steered me wrong and they walk you through the whole process. If it is your first time they will take you to their wall that has containers of all of the raw tea leafs and you can smell the different flavors to see what you want. From there it is an endless option of combinations. There are flavor boosters, energy shot options, different sweeteners, and so much more. My suggestion would be to really consult with the staff. They know what tastes good together and I still heavily rely on them after I have been there as much as I have.

They even have some creations the staff has put together themselves and I can honestly say that the Betty Boop is my new favorite drink! They also have flavored honey sticks which are so good and addicting. I actually bring them to any event that asks for me to bring a dessert and they are always a huge hit!

They serve chia tea lattes and dirty chia tea lattes which are far better than Starbucks’! Plus since Nobilitea has a drive through, the convenience is unbeatable!

I would give this place 5 brunch points. If you are looking for a relaxing place to study or work, go to Nobilitea and I promise you’ll feel right at home.

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