The Year Isn’t Over Yet

We are nearing the end of the year and at this point I don’t even remember what my 2018 new years resolution was. (definitely not getting fit, that’s for sure). Although I don’t remember what my new years resolution was, I do know what God said He had for me this year.

At the beginning of each year I ask the Lord for a word. One simple word or small phrase that He wants me to work on and this year I was blessed with “comfort zones”. Ouch. I felt like The Lord was telling me that He was getting ready to take me into new places with new trials but also new blessings.

I honestly had no idea what that meant and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little scared. Looking back at this year I have seen how this word has come in full swing. Like Miley on the wrecking ball kind of swing. A new job, new friends, new challenges,  new ways to share my faith, new financial responsibilities, and falling in love with a new city are just scratching the surface of how my comfort zone has been stretched.

However, In this last month of the year I found The Lord telling me that this year isn’t over. He is saying that He has more. More for me, for the people around me, the church, the lost to be loved and found, the broken to be healed and restored, and the ones seeking and asking for His work in their lives to be answered.

Some of you have had a pretty rough year. I know, because I have seen the posts on social media. Some of you have lost loved ones, jobs, your significant others, and even been hurt by the people that were supposed to love you most. There is a lot of hurt in the world but there is also the greatest of hope in Jesus. He is our provider, healer, and friend. He is lifts our head and spirit. He loves unconditionally. He brings us joy and laughter. But most of all, He is our savior. God can do more with our lives in the last month than we have done all year.

Be encouraged. This isn’t the end of the year where we close a chapter of our lives. He isn’t done with 2018 yet. This is the time of the year where we set the tone for what is to come in 2019. Don’t let what happened in the last 11 months be the thing that holds you back from the blessings God has for you in month 12. 

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