Turtleneck Fashion

It is that time again to change the wardrobe! Bring the sweaters and jackets from the back of the closet to the front, break out your fuzzy leggings, and bring out those thick socks! I found myself this year, however, looking in my closet and realizing that when I went through my closet purge I gave away a lot of cold weather pieces (mainly because I will wear something until it just about falls apart).

Have you ever found yourself here? Looking into your closet and letting out a big sigh? All you want are some new fall fashion items to wear, but your closet looks like a rainbow of colors since you spent the last 5 months either prepping for summer or being in the heat of it. Yeah, I am right there with you. It may be 80 degrees outside but for some reason those sleeveless tops just look cold.

So, I did what every girl does right? PINTEREST! *search bar “2018 fall fashion”* *enter*. What did I find? (Other than the typical rider boots and puffy vests look.) Turtle necks! Maybe it is the way they look on these 100 pound models, but I am hooked! So classic, so clean, and oh-so warm. So, I ventured out to find them.

This time of year thrift stores are full of really cool 90’s turtlenecks! When I go thrifting I usually have to keep an open mind as to what I want to buy but this is an item you can count on. So next time you go thrifting these are the looks you should be looking out for because they are there and there are plenty!

Inspo below for turtleneck looks:

This Lip Color That You NEED: Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream in 38 Stunning

Stores I shop at in DFW:

Every mother-freaking GoodWill!

Elegante Diva- Fort Worth

Berry Good Buys- Fort Worth

Gypsy Trunk and Fabulous Junk- Burleson

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