My Fave Boss Babes

Blogging is definitely not always easy. There are times when I am trying to outline a blog and there are 6 different ideas, two different angles, twelve reference links, and one empty brain. To be honest I am better about writing as though I was someone else and making up all of this stuff on the fly than I am about my own thoughts and experiences. When I find myself hitting a wall I do have some women I look to as inspiration.

   1. SOPHIA AMORUSO: I don’t think that the word “Obsessed” is even enough to describe how inspired I am by her. Her website is a total womens empowerment zone. There are articles everywhere from work to play and always something that makes me feel like I can conquer my next blog.

Sophia started out as a drop out college student with a wild-fire-like attitude that wanted to make her own path. The first business she owned, Nasty Gal Vintage, was a vintage resale shop that spawned on eBay because of her incredible eye and her unapologetic self worth. She knew exactly what she wanted and what she wanted to do with it. Her story of how she got to where she is today is showcased in an incredible show on Netflix called… you guessed it, Girl Boss. The thing that kept her going and the reason she has built and rebuilt her empire today is her strong spirit. Truly an inspiration to anyone who faces tough times in their careers which is like.. everyone, right?

2.  JEN GOTCH (Aka, my spirit animal): Looking to add a little color to your life? Jen’s Gotcha. Her self-care brand, Ban.Do, turned into everything bright and colorful from clothes to planners, are all the rave. She opens the dialogue regarding mental health since she herself struggles with various issues and is a big supporter of talking out your feelings, as she mostly does via her Instagram stories. She knows that there are other people out there that struggle with depression and anxiety and they all need a little color in their life. So who is really the winner here? Her out-going, humorous spirit is sure to lift your day out of the dumps and encourage you to look on the bright side of things.

    3.  CHIARA FERRAGNI: She is also known from her blog as, The Blonde Salad. This tall, beautiful, Italian business woman was one of the first women to make fashion blogging a thing. She started posting pictures of what she wore to her university classes online and it really took off. She isn’t just all beauty though, this girl has a brain! She was a law student and although she never finished (because she created a multi million dollar company) she teaches classes at Harvard University when she isn’t gallivanting around at fashion week that is. She now has her own clothing line that is absolutely to die for and has been worn by celebrities around the world.

4. SAZAN: She truly needs no introduction. After graduating college in Texas she knew she wanted to be in California where she felt like she could get her big break. She up and moved and through hard work and persistence she began her full time job as a beauty blogger. She is now one of the most sought after beauty bloggers in the country. She has a subscription box called “the bless box” and just recently started a podcast called “the good life” with her husband. She keeps it totally real and has such a beautiful perspective on life. She is Passionate about her Kurdish heritage and is the ultimate example of GSG (girls supporting girls).

I often look to these women when I am stuck and need some serious inspo, when I’m drained and don’t know if I can keep chugging along, or when I need advise. These women are the type of woman I want to be, not because they are successful, but because they are real and unashamedly themselves. I think being me is my favorite thing, not chasing after being someone else. Let’s be us. Let’s change the freaking world!

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