“Lucky You”

Most of you know if you follow me on Instagram that I am doing an entire year of only buying resale clothes and shoes. I am so excited about this because I am a sucker for finding diamonds in the rough. My photographer, Naomi Ledford, will be documenting my finds and I will be posting about them every Wednesday. (I highly recommend you follow her incredibly beautiful pages linked at the bottom of this post.)From March 1st, 2018 to March 1st, 2019 I will be on this crazy journey! I hope you guys are ready for some “Big Gas” steals! So before we get this kick started I wanted to share how I got into second hand clothing.

My amazing, beautiful, Puerto Rican Princess of a mother is the main reason I was introduced to second hand shopping. I am the youngest of four siblings and every year at Halloween time my mom would ask us what we wanted to dress up as. She would take us to thrift stores to find authentic, cool, one of a kind, pieces to create our costumes. She would wash them, alter them, and make some of the best creations ever! She killed the game for sure. People used to go crazy over our outfits and I just remember being so proud that “MY MOM made my outfit.”  She has always been so crafty and creative. I definitely get that from her.

Her making my costumes lead me to wanting to create something of my own. I was 15 years old when I decided I was going to go to the thrift store, get a few items, mix them up, and VWALA! Masterpiece! LOL because it turned out to be less of a masterpiece and more of a master disaster. I didn’t stop there however, I continued to get lessons from my mom on how to sew, and it was pretty affordable when I was only spending maybe $10 for the whole outfit. I later decided “Okay, I am struggling with making an entire new outfit so what if I just start finding items I like and if they are too big, I’ll alter them.”  I was no longer limited to a one size and I even looked in the men’s section. I was finding cool, unique pieces and I. Was. Hooked!

The very first “steal” I ever bought was at a low grade thrift store. I was looking through the jackets. I was a freshman in college, it was the winter, and I just wanted something warm. After searching for over an hour I found it! A perfect quality, black, fuzzy, North Face jacket, in my size. I looked at the price tag, $12!Woo Hoo! Even better, I started opening the pockets and found $6with a note that said “Lucky you”. I did in fact feel very lucky. The original tags were even still attached! I was bitten by the thrift store bug, infected with the money saving virus, and consumed with my beautiful new $6 North Face jacket.

Since then, I have been able to find brands like Brighten, Tory Burch, Steve Madden, Banana Republic, White House Black Market, Ralph Lauren, Nine West, Betsey Johnson, and so many more! Luckily, the vintage/second-hand market is really booming right now. There are multiple boutiques, online stores, and ginormous thrift stores that have some honest, good quality garments.

So, as I start this year journey I hope that I can share the luck with you all and if somehow I inspire you to go out and find a hidden treasure please tag, message, email, or DM me your findings so that I can celebrate with you!

Photography by Naomi Ledford:



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