My Heaven Friend

Truth is, Hannah, you were never supposed to see me get married. You were never supposed to plan my wedding showers and drink mimosas. You were never supposed to be my maid-of-honor. You were never supposed to help me find my dress. You were never supposed to be there to calm me down the day of my wedding when I am freaking out. Truth is, if I thought you were supposed to, then that’s like telling God he did something wrong by inviting you into his kingdom. Truth is, I know you are celebrating with me up in heaven, but luckily for you, you get to do it with the angels. Truth is, I am not mad that you’re not here, and I don’t hold any anger at God because I am sure that if I could even get a little glimpse of heaven I would wish I were there too. God’s timing is perfect, no matter what the circumstances.

So on my big day when I’m missing you and wishing I could just see you one more time, I will remember how perfect our God is. How perfect he has made you in His kingdom. And how much fun you are having. I will remember how much you loved me and were always there for me. I’ll remember you meeting my fiancé for the first time when we had just started dating and telling me you really saw my future with him in it. I will remember all the encouraging words you spoke. All the wisdom you had. But most of all, I will remember how you always put God first, above everything, and I hope you know I strive to do that every day as much as I can. I love you H.

Love, S

3 thoughts on “My Heaven Friend

  1. What perfect words and a perfect way to remember your best friend. Brought joyful tears to my eyes. Love you 😘


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