As you all know, yah home girl is engaged! Woop woop! This is such a precious time for my fiance and I that we get to enjoy. I also love that I have quite a few friends that are also engaged and we get to chat about how busy we are with everything but inside it’s the kind of busy that we all love. I have spent my last 3 lunches that I’m supposed to have off, at my desk tucked away calling vendors and contractors like a mad woman. Also, it sort of makes me feel a little sassy and I kind of like it. I promise I’m trying not to be a bridezilla!
We have had so much support from friends and family that it’s been amazing! Everyone sharing our engagement video on Facebook gives me so much joy! I have had multiple girls tell me that because of that video they set there standards of men higher. So there is something I want to tell you ladies:
Fairy tales DO happen. There are men out there that will treasure you like none other. Men that will make you laugh, feel loved, respect you, listen to you, and take you at your sassiest (I’m lucky to have a patient man). Men that will love your family and make sure you are loved by his. Men that will sacrifice their own desires to make you happy. Men that will lead you in every way. Men that will love your independence and also your neediness. Men that will pick you up off the floor an hold you through your pain. Men that will show you off, not as a prize, but as a blessing. Men that will be good fathers. And most of all, men that not only want to be your love, but also your best friend.
Do they start out like this? Nope, But I think if you asked my fiancé if I started out the way I am now, I know he would probably say “no way”. Don’t be delusional, there will be hard times when you struggle but the break through is totally worth it. You appreciate the good better when you have been through the struggle. The thing about real life fairy tales is they happen if both people are willing to work at it, forgive each other, change a little bit, and create a life together not separately.
Fairy tales happen ladies. Don’t settle and remember, if you want a man that has prince qualities, have princess taste. They are out there so never settle.

David Lee photo:
Instagram- @Davidleephotog

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