Tell Me Something Good

I think every girl at least once in her life has felt like she wore a scarlet letter. Like everyone was looking at her differently because of what was said or done. My life is full of scarlet letters. From junior high until now I can say that I have had my fair share in some true and untrue scandals. But if there is anything I have learned from them it’s this: You can’t control what people say about you, but you can control how you react. I had a friend one time ask me how I always got back up on my feet after someone made awful rumors about me. I thought about it for a while and my response was, “They may think that about me, but I don’t think that about me and I know it’s not true.” A simple statement that carried me through some tough times. I have pretty thick skin and I try not to let words get to me but we all have our weak moments. My whole life I have felt like my personal life was pretty exposed and I was just trying to keep everything on the DL so I didn’t give someone yet another thing to talk about. I used to struggle and think, “What is it about my life that people think they are so entitled to talk about and make assumptions?” It wasn’t like I was trying, so why do I get the “joy” of having my personal business on everyone’s lips? I was more afraid of what lie was going to be said than what the truth was.

With time there is something that I have learned. I have a gift of giving people something to talk about. My whole life I had seen the negative effects but if I could take my gift and actually use it, how greatly could I effect my community?! Here is the thing, don’t let peoples words effect your actions, but instead, let your actions effect peoples words.

I have grown so much and found incredible people to do life with. I have an irreplaceable life that I’m not going to give up. You are irreplaceable. You are cherished. And you are loved. I hope this encouraged you today! I love every one of you.

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