Brunch Bags

I am convinced that while picking out our daily outfits, we aren’t just choosing items, we are putting together our feelings. We are predicting our mood for the day. We want our outside to reflect our inside. That is why we stress out about “not having anything to wear.” In a way, our clothes tell us how we are going to feel. I can’t even begin to count the times I have thrown my clothes everywhere because I am just trying to piece together a comfortable outfit that makes it look like “I didn’t care that much.” An hour later, there I am with my hat, ripped jeans, and graphic T-shirt that took me blood, sweat, and tears to find (yes I am aware that I can be dramatic). To me, what I wear is a direct look into my life. It gives others a little peep into who I am as a person. It is how I outwardly express my inner desires and feelings.

This leads me to the question: what exactly is Brunch Bags?

Over the past few weeks I have been craftily finding vintage bags, re-purposing them, and giving them a little extra love. Maybe it’s the thrill of finding a unique item, or maybe it’s the excitement I get when I tell people how I came about finding them, but I am passionate about giving things life again.

The bags I choose will be unique and fun statements that are meant to be worn with something special. With each bag, I will be adding a hand-picked scarf to further enhance its beauty and a note from Yours Truly on how I envisioned the feeling that the bag gives off, how I found it, and how I hope it encourages the purchaser. I really want to make buying this bag an experience for my customers, not just another purchase that you may get buyers remorse from. When you buy from me, you become part of the “Brunch Family”. I’m all about creating a network with people that support each other in their dreams and lift one another up. Lets be kind, passionate, and supportive.

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it is that I am the queen of second chances… (and third and fourth). I grew up living by the rule of “ask for forgiveness, not permission”. I made a lot of mistakes and learned so many valuable lessons. I feel like my personal story is one of complete redemption and new life. That is where my passion for this business comes from. Passion about giving something purpose again, because, like me, sometimes all it takes is a little love.

Web Domain Names and How They Work

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My friend is my co-worker, HELP!

When I first started working in corporate I was bright eyes and bushy tailed. I would like to think I am a pretty friendly person and that I generally get along with everyone. Once, At a previous job, my co-worker and I were hired on within the same week and although we had very different lives we just clicked! I was so excited because I can’t work in a place where I feel like I’m not liked.

Before you knew it we were planning happy hours and opening up about the most personal things in our lives. Continue reading “My friend is my co-worker, HELP!”